I offer translations working on my main language combination (English into Spanish and Galician) and I also offer translations working from French and Portuguese.

I am really interested in audiovisual translation and I specialized in this field with an MA in the University of Roehampton in London. This gave me a deep understanding on how to translate and subtitle films, documentaries or educational videos among others. I know how to adapt to their constraints and achieve the best result; for example I can adapt and translate scripts for dubbed films into Spanish based on the duration of the shots and the position of the actor’s lips.

During the years I worked with Absolute Translations as a project manager I also had the chance to be in touch with diverse fields, getting specially involved in projects within the areas of arts and culture, legal and juridical and creative translations for marketing.

I believe in accuracy and also in the adaptation to my customer’s needs in each project so I am able to provide a touch of creativity or my vision as a native speaker if needed.