One of the aspects that attracted me about audiovisual translation was subtitling. I started learning about it during my degree and back then I was also lucky to have one of my first professional contacts in this area with Pequerrecho Subtitulación. Later I had the chance to learn more about it in the MA of the University of Roehampton along great classmates and professors.

I find fascinating the way subtitles can help speakers of any language to enjoy films, TV series, educational videos… Subtitles can help to expand cultures; subtitles can help us to enjoy every single culture in the world.

My experience working for a year with Multisignes creating live subtitles on TV for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers but also for other audiovisual contents allows me to adapt to your needs and understand what you want to achieve. I can also advise you to follow the Spanish regulations on the field (UNE 153010:2012) or to create subtitles adapted to your requirements—reading speeds, frame gap between subtitles, font size or use of a black box. I am used to work with Aegisub, WinCaps, EZTitles and Swift.