My name is Abraham Díaz López, and I am passionate about languages and culture. This led me to start in 2009 a BA in Translation and Interpreting in the Universidade de Vigo with English and French as main source languages, being Galician and Spanish my native and target languages.

Thanks to the Erasmus scholarship I had the chance to study in the University of Liverpool during the year 2010/2011, where on top of starting learning Portuguese I also got in touch first-hand with British language and culture—and I also learned about the peculiarities of the Scouse dialect.

For the last two years of my degree I went back to Vigo, kept studying Portuguese and started collaborating with LifeInsideUK as a translator and with Pequerrecho Subtitulación as a subtitler, gaining my first professional experiences and increasing my interest in audiovisual translation.

With the degree in my hand I was lucky enough to begin a second stage in UK, this time in London, working as an intern for Absolute Translations. After three months I was able to be part of their permanent team as a project manager. I worked in London for two years and it was a real pleasure to meet lots of colleagues, customers and professional translators from whom I learned how the translation market really works—they were always kind enough to put up with me.

I also made the most of my time there to study in the University of Roehampton an MA in Audiovisual Translation and Accesibility, where I specialized myself in my great interests: subtitling for hearing and deaf people, audiodescriptions, dubbing, voice-over…

This knowledge led me to start a new adventure in Catalonia working as a subtitler in Multisignes, using the innovative technolgy of respeaking to subtitle in real time TV shows for RTVE (Spanish public television). I also created subtitles for online courses, conferences and film festivals among many others.

Currently I am developing my career as a freelance translator and I hope this summary of my career has been useful to you and you had the chance to get to know me a bit better and see what I can offer you.

If you would like to obtain more information, you can contact me directly or check my full CV to know more details.